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Humane Egg Market Development for Hen Welfare

Humane Egg Market Development for Hen Welfare

More and more people are beginning to understand that cage-free promises from corporates are a critical component to enhancing animal welfare. A significant initiative in Vietnam is adding to the improvement of animal welfare, the goal of which is to provide animals with better lives.

World Animal Protection and HealthyFarm, a Vietnamese social enterprise founded by Evergreen Social Ventures, have joined forces to launch "Humane Egg Market Development: Improving Corporate Engagement and Competitiveness for Cage-free Eggs in Vietnam" in an effort to reduce animal cruelty and transform the way the world eats.

In Vietnam, where cage-free commitments from businesses are uncommon, the Humane Egg Market Development Project is a courageous move. This project aims to achieve three main aspects that will help the humane egg

 market grow: first, evaluate and increase demand for humane eggs in Vietnam (by switching from caged egg production); second, increase the certified supply and competitiveness of humane egg products; and third, raise awareness among consumers.

A Market Analysis and the Rising Demand

The project team has undertaken a corporate study to gain insight into the buying behaviour, challenges, and commitments of food and beverage businesses, including bakers, food manufacturers, hotels, and retailers with regard to humane eggs. Not only are cage-free commitments uncommon in Vietnam, but businesses also struggle to find suitable humane egg suppliers that can meet their stringent standards, according to the study. While the study did find a distinct pricing gap between what businesses pay and the market price for eggs that are farmed in a humane manner, this is by no means the most pressing issue confronting the supply chain. Furthermore, businesses might not be aware of certifications or standards related to humane farming for laying hens.




Based on findings from the corporate study, the project has created a knowledge package and communication kit for corporates. Methods for producing eggs, humane animal standards for laying hens, and the reasons why corporates should care about their welfare are all covered in the knowledge package. As these businesses demand more than simply a cage-free egg product, the project also provides facilitation support by gathering information about corporate requirements, consulting with them, and linking them with suitable farmers. It further helps businesses, who have already purchased humane eggs, communicate their efforts toward farmed animal welfare more effectively through the communication kit.

Leveraging Market Forces for Hen Welfare

Increasing the certified supply and competitiveness of humane egg products is the second aspect of the project. Through disseminating information about market opportunities, the project has identified farmers in the designated locations. To further assist cage-free producers in Vietnam, it provides the farms with technical guidance and sheds light on the buying habits of the food and beverage and hospitality industries. In addition, the farms' financial acumen has been developed. Eventually, the farms transform and improve with a thorough grasp of the supply chain, and technical and financial requirements.




The third aspect of the project is awareness raising. A consumer study was carried out prior to launching campaigns, consumer events, or relevant relationship-building initiatives. Findings revealed that Vietnamese consumers are willing to pay more for humane products with clear labeling. Their purchasing decisions are driven by nutritional concerns as well as negative environmental impacts. All things considered, this seems to indicate that the Humane Egg Market Development Project is heading in the right direction by leveraging market forces to enhance animal welfare, which is truly interconnected.